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The Covington "Controversy" Is Pure White Privilege In Action

For the Covington brats, the media's favorite "both sides" argument simply doesn't exist. That's white privilege at its finest.
Image via CNN

Image via CNN

Over the last few days, we've been subjected to a grand "mea culpa" from the media who have suddenly discovered a world of nuance concerning the Covington students disrespectfully mocking a Native American on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. After all, if one watches the full tape, one can see that the black Hebrew Israelites were obnoxious and hostile and quite possibly provoked the entire confrontation. Media outlet after media outlet have been tripping over themselves to make up for rushing to judgment over these poor, innocent white kids that were unfairly attacked.

It's funny, though. We don't ever seem to give that kind of consideration to anyone else. Black people have been assaulted and brutalized for decades and centuries and we can't seem to find any compassion when they push back. We treat BLM like a terrorist movement.

The #MeToo movement is causing a freakout all over the country. Antifa is somehow the "same" as literal fascists like the Proud Boys. But these guys from Covington? Well, we have to talk about how we got it wrong.

But did we really? Let's say they were just standing around minding their own business and didn't have a years long track record of being bigots and assholes. They still went to a forced birth rally wearing MAGA hats, harassed women (on tape, more than once), and no matter how much of the video you see or don't see, they were clearly mocking Nathan Phillips, the Native American veteran in the video. The smirk on Nick Sandmann's face was one we've all seen before on the class bully getting away with it again. There's a reason the video went viral so quickly. Everyone knew exactly what they were looking at: A group of obnoxious teens being dicks.

Since these were white teens, though, we have to make allowances. They were (maybe) picked on first, you see. And well, boys will be boys when provoked. At least, white boys will be boys in that situation. Had they been black and that disrespectful after being taunted by white nationalists, there is literally not enough video in the world to exonerate them. They would have been lucky not to have been arrested on the spot. You know how dangerous black men are in large groups. And, of course, we would be talking about them like they were men because black teens are never afforded the innocence of youth while white childhood extends into the early 20s if not later.

This is pure white privilege at work here. A group of white kids with money who go to a private school got themselves filmed being assholes and the media is looking for a reason, any reason, to forgive them. But they were wearing those MAGA hats on purpose, a point that Erick Erickson finds to be utterly outrageous to make: know what? I'll let someone else answer that accusation. 

Racial superiority is a repugnant idea and President Trump should condemn it by name. We should also note honestly that President Trump employs individuals who emboldened this movement. The president winked at and made kissy face with the alt-right as his advisers persuaded him it would be good politically. It is no coincidence that many of the men who marched in Charlottesville wore “Make America Great Again” hats. This president and his advisers made a nefarious evil feel comfortable coming out of the shadows.

"It is no coincidence that many of the men who marched in Charlottesville wore “Make America Great Again” hats." Who wrote that? Erick Erickson back in 2017 before he gave up being a Never Trumper and returned to the fold. He knew full well that the MAGA hat is the modern pointy white hood. He knew then and we all know it now. The bullshit feigning of innocence is always accompanied by that same smirk and it's not fooling anyone.

Trump and the right wing media are going to keep this story alive for as long as possible because it feeds their white grievance identity politics but you should recognize it for exactly what it is: Another gross example of rampant white privilege being rubbed in the faces of the rest of the country.

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