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Ever since Brett Kavanaugh first stepped up to the microphone to publicly accept Donald Trump's offer to become the next associate justice of the Supreme Court, I've been screaming to anyone who'll listen about the obvious, observable fact that Kavanaugh is being puppeteered by Trump.

To recap, the third sentence out of Kavanaugh's mouth as he was being introduced to the world on July 9 was clearly written by Trump and shoehorned into Kavanaugh's prepared remarks. I'll never forget the line: "No President has ever consulted more widely, or talked with more people from more backgrounds, to seek input about a Supreme Court nomination."

Anyone care to challenge me on that?

The only way it could've been more obviously written by Trump is if Kavanaugh tagged it with, "Believe me! This I can tell you!" 

But why is this important? 

We know that Trump is an agent of the Kremlin. Therefore, Vladimir Putin controls Trump. As terrifying as this is, it's nevertheless absolutely true. And if Putin controls Trump, and Kavanaugh is allowing himself to be controlled by Trump, then it's not a stretch to assume Putin is, by proxy, controlling Kavanaugh. This means the Kremlin has its claws embedded in both the White House, the Republican caucus on the Hill, and, potentially now, the Supreme Court. 

There's a very real chance I'm wrong on this, but I haven't been so far. Kavanaugh appeared willing to allow the president to put words in his mouth, so what else can we assume other than a puppet show? 

Well, it's worse now.

On Thursday, Brett Kavanaugh proved himself to be not just a liar, a sexual predator, and, likely, a violent drunk, but Kavanaugh also illustrated how Trump continues to control the judge's public remarks. In the case of the special hearings Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Kavanaugh was rude, unspooled and belligerent. Criminal allegations aside, he displayed a temperament that's the polar opposite of the sobriety expected of federal judges -- and don't forget, Kavanaugh is a sitting federal appeals court judge, too. 

It was more like Kavanaugh was auditioning for a gig on Fox News than for the highest court in the land, just like Kavanaugh's chief benefactor, the president.

Let's recap. We heard on Wednesday that Trump was taking over Kavanaugh's defense. This was followed by a seemingly coked-up press conference in which Trump continued to trample all over the traditions of public decency and decorum we expect from our political leadership. All of this in defense of Kavanaugh. So, it's not a stretch to believe Trump coached Kavanaugh to let-fly during his hearing, especially knowing that Trump was unhappy with Kavanaugh's more sedate performance on Fox News the day before.

All told, it's more than obvious that Trump spoke with Kavanaugh sometime before the hearing, ordering the would-be Supreme to let his boozy self off his leash to take a stroll down Asshole Boulevard. Hence Kavanaugh's fuckery in the committee room on Thursday. 

What this display of entitlement and emotional irascibility illustrated, though, is that Kavanaugh is carrying Trumpism to the Court, not unlike a capuchin monkey carrying the Ebola virus in a busy airport. This means Kavanaugh represents Trump's brand of ghoulish, racist, sexist, cruel, erratic, Russia-manipulated, undisciplined, rule-defying politics, and they're both seeking to inject this crapola into the bloodstream of the Supreme Court, with, by the way, the equally belligerent help of the compromised Hill Republicans.

So, if we somehow manage to extricate ourselves from this Trump crisis, leaving years of reconstruction in its aftermath, that'd still leave at least one Red Hat on the Supreme Court to flummox all attempts to crowbar Trumpism back into its gold-plated lamp.

Trumpism needs to be destroyed like the toxin it is, and we have one more week to keep it off the Supreme Court. 

Back to work...