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Donald Trump Knows Epic Humiliation Is His Destiny

Donald Trump is a white supremacist, admitted sexual predator and a malignant narcissist. He longs to be an authoritarian with the power to do great harm to as many people as possible. He’s a man that’s never been loved, has no idea how to love anything but himself and has taught his children to be spitting images of his awfulness. He seeks to destroy all things, good, decent and moral. He’s a damaged soul beyond repair and the darkness from which he operates, assures us that he will continue to exercise evil until he is removed from office.

Of course, despicable human beings like Donald Trump should never be in a position of enormous power. But America is a weak nation with a cratering democracy because it is filled with millions of racists, apologists and uneducated people. Donald Trump’s rise to President of the United States reflect the lies about our professed American exceptionalism and highlighted the fragility of our institutions, media and system of checks and balances.

Predictably, Trump is carving out his own slice of despotic history. He has inspired millions of Americans to feel good about being ignorant, racist and accepting of extremely low standards and expectations from its government. Trump and his administration are committing crimes against humanity as he tortures, abuses and separates families around the country. His mafia style presidency has redefined what is possible as it relates to widespread corruption within a presidential administration. And his policies in every area of significance, from healthcare to environment, are generating misery and pain to Americans across this land.

As a decent American, it’s been excruciating to live through this presidency. The visible and invisible harm he’s done to so many, has made my stomach turn more often than I care to admit. But history has shown us that all bad things, at some point, do come to an end. Psychopaths like Adolf Hitler committed suicide. Former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic, for his crimes against humanity was sent to prison and died there. Former Ugandan president Idi Amin finally died of natural causes.

Trump’s fate is still to be determined. Somewhere in his psyche, Trump understands he’s a criminal guilty of crimes before and after he became president, and he also knows that he’s a traitor and will likely be proven such in a matter of time. It’s all going to come out -- Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his report will likely illustrate the degree of conspiracy, collusion and obstruction that Trump engaged in based on the sheer number of witnesses, documentation and testimony from co-conspirators. Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is said to be considering cooperating with prosecutors and will likely provide copious detail about money laundering, fraud, bribery and other forms of illegal activity that incriminates the president. The thousands of seized documents from Cohen’s home will validate much of his testimony.

It is also likely that Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner will be charged with crimes of perjury and other offenses. It’s going to get real ugly as we learn more as to how and why Trump was so compromised by the Russians. Epic humiliation awaits him, and when it’s all said and done, he will go down as the first treasonous president in American history. Trump’s family may face prison time and forever linked to the history books with appropriate shame and embarrassment.

And because of Trump’s probable criminality, we are likely to see increased paranoia, more brazen attempts to end the investigation and a greater abuse of power that puts more Americans and other countries in danger. The monster does not want to be tamed by the rule of law, societal norms or democratic conventions. His latest act to obstruct justice, for example, was a tweet demanding Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Robert Mueller investigation.

The terroristic reign of Donald Trump has scarred the nation and shed light on the symptoms that sparked his rise to the pinnacle of power. That his personal and professional destiny will be infamy, humiliation and likely incarceration after he leaves office in disgrace is a small consolation amidst the damage that he has done. But America and the world need to see him from office in this way. And after that, God will take care of the rest.

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