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Trump Supporters Rail Against Obama Artist's "Racist" Decapitation Paintings

There's just a few problems with their latest Twitter rampage...
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No one is ever going to award white Republican voters an award for being the sharpest tool in the shed but sometimes it's like they're trying to turn their brains off.

Take today's latest hysterical not-at-all racebaiting headline from "True Pundit":

Obama Portrait Artist Likes to Paint African-American Women Holding Heads of Decapitated White Women

Gasp! Horror! That's racist!

Here's the insightful article that went along with the headline:

Can you imagine if Donald Trump’s official portrait artist painted white women holding the decapitated heads of African-American women

There would be social chaos.

But as Americans we are supposed to sit back and applaud Obama’s artist for chopping off the heads of white women to be carried like a trophy by African-American women?


Was this artist, Kehinde Wiley, paid with public tax monies to paint Obama’s portrait?

Barack Obama can’t even have his official portrait painted without causing a racial stir.

Wasn’t this the guy who was going to heal America’s racial divide?

No. He only continues to make the situation worse.

Right wing Twitter got wind of this dreadful deed and they are not happy about it!

And so on and so forth.

Here are the two pictures by artist Kehinde Wiley that so deeply offended the delicate snowflakes of the right:



Judith and Holofernes, 2012 Oil on linen 120" x 90"

Judith and Holofernes, 2012 Oil on linen 120" x 90"

It took all of ten seconds to google both images to find that both are named "Judith and Holofernes". That didn't mean anything to me but it sounded vaguely biblical and with another whole 10 seconds of googling, that's exactly what I found:

In the deuterocanonical Book of Judith, Holofernes is an invading general of Nebuchadnezzar, who dispatched Holofernes to take vengeance on the nations of the West that had withheld their assistance to his reign.

The general laid siege to Bethulia, commonly believed to be Meselieh, and the city almost surrendered. 

Bethulia was saved by Judith, a beautiful Hebrew widow who entered Holofernes's camp and seduced him. Judith then beheaded Holofernes while he was drunk.

This is a biblical story which strips it of the racial overtones they so desperately want it to have. Why are the attacking the Bible?! Why do they hate freedom of religion so much?! Oh, the religious persecution is unforgivable!

All joking aside, obviously 20 seconds of googling is hard! Much easier to rant about your white persecution at the hands of evil black people.

This is why Trump supporters are basically unreachable. They live on Earth 2 where they are surrounded by enemies and they're the innocent victims of mass persecution. There, their mindless racism is justified and anyone calling them on it is the real racist. And when everything they touch falls apart, it's always someone else's fault.

These are the people to watch when the Republican Party finally implodes and the right loses its ability to steal elections. They're going to be angry, stupid and armed. These morons will be the domestic terrorists blowing up abortion clinics and black churches in the name of "white freedom" 20 years from now. And they'll still insist it's all Obama's fault. Guaranteed.

UPDATE: The original article stated that the "victims" were men (as per the biblical story) but the Wiley has said that he used his female assistant as the model for the "head".