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CBS Executive Fired When "Free Speech" Conservatives Suddenly Embrace Political Correctness

Hayley Geftman-Gold definitely deserved to lose her job but it was so very strange to see the outrage from the supposed "Anti-PC" crowd. Whatever happened their love of "free speech"?

Because some people have yet to learn that saying really cruel and stupid things on social media has real world consequences, now-former CBS executive Hayley Geftman-Gold is out of a job and rightfully so. Geftman-Gold inexplicably voiced the heartless opinion that she had no sympathy for the (as of this writing) 59 people murdered and over 500 injured in Las Vegas because "country music fans often are republican gun toters."

That got picked up by the right wing and they howled in protest which is strange since they just spent the last two years telling liberals, "fuck your feelings." Not figuratively, literally:


I am not defending Geftman-Gold even a little. She got fired and I shan't shed the tiniest of tears for her. She said something horrible in public and she paid the price for it. Free speech does not mean "free from the  consequences of that speech"; something I heartily advocate and the right only seems to grasp when they want to punish someone on the left.

That's what makes their calls for Geftman-Gold to be fired so hypocritically obnoxious. They should absolutely be angry, what she said was disgusting and she should have been fired, but conservatives are the first ones to throw a temper tantrum when the left demands consequences for saying disgusting things. They rail against political correctness when they get slapped down for using racial slurs in public. They whine about censorship on college campuses when students block white nationalists from spreading hate speech. They hold "free speech" rallies and then chant about "blood and soil". They stand in front of the world and say that "many sides" are to blame when anti-fascists fight back against the inherent violence of white nationalist fascism.

The right can't have it both ways. Either hate filled free speech has consequences for everyone or the next time someone on the left says something this horrible about them, conservatives should shut the fuck up with their politically correct bullshit.

 Not such an appealing slogan when it silences your anger, is it?

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