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In case you missed it, Susan Sarandon has said she'd maybe almost rather see Trump win than Hillary, that Hillary's only successful because she's married to a former president, that Barack Obama said something shitty about Hillary that he never said, that she hopes Chelsea Clinton is never elected president either, and that she hopes Hillary develops health issues so Bernie can win. By those standards, this is relatively mild:

Sarandon: Nobody is talking about the indictment. What happens with that? Besides the trust issue of catching her in lies.

Jansing: There has been no indictment.

Sarandon: There’s going to be. There’s going to be. I mean, it’s inevitable.

No, it fucking isn't. At this point, I'd almost rather these idiots ratchet this up so they'll look even stupider when Hillary is cleared. Either way, Susan Sarandon and her purse dog can't disappear back into the Hollywoodwork soon enough.