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Gosh, I Wish the Senate Would Grow a Pair.

"We do these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." -- John F. Kennedy.

The current version of that, for the Senate anyway, would have to be: "We do nothing, not because it is hard but because it is easy." 


More than 90 percent of Americans favor closing the loopholes that let people buy guns without a background check.  Approximately 85 percent do, too.  Who doesn't?  Wayne "we cater to our members, who are gun manufacturers" LaPierre.  Senator Flake was on "the Daily Rundown" this morning.  Actual exchange:

"The problem is the legislation would make any commercial weapons sales be subject to background checks; that would mean, if one person wanted to sell a gun to another person, the buyer would have to go through a background check,"  Senator Flake.

"So?"Chuck Todd"Isn't that the point?  To prevent people who could be criminals avoid the background check by doing just what you suggest, isn't that the loophole we are trying to close?"

Well, Flake got his way.  The Senate voted 54-46 to defeat what has been called the "Toomey/Manchin compromise."

Here's the Thomas rundown on the provision.  The Senate has yet to post the yeas & neas but when they do. I will post them here.

Good lord, what will it take for them to do something that 90 percent of the public want them to do?

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