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Our Story

“Part of the appeal of the Daily Banter is that it’s so personality driven — it reminds me of the early days of Talking Points Memo

– Simon Owens, PBS Media Shift

The Daily Banter is completely independent and has carved its own, unique identity through its high quality journalism and unfiltered commentary. At present, the Banter is funded by reader subscriptions and ads alone. We hope to prove that quality content can exist online independently.

The History

The Banter started in 2007 when Editor in Chief Ben Cohen got fed up with watching the corporate news not doing its job properly. After several years as a single person blog, the Banter relaunched in 2012 bringing on several prominent columnists like Bob Cesca, Chez Pazienza and White House reporter Tommy Christopher. Since then, the Banter has grown month after month, year after year and has become a highly respected voice in today’s media landscape.

In the Industry

We are quoted regularly by publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, the Guardian, Salon, The Huffington Post, and Gawker for our reporting and political commentary. We’ve probably offended all of them at one point (but they still read us!).


Our Work

At the Banter, we aim to provide our readers with witty, lively commentary on a broad array of topics. We are primarily a political mag, but we also cover media, pop culture, and sports. We do not do viral content, we do not trick readers with misleading headlines, and virtually everything we publish is our own.

We do our best to take down idiocy on both sides of the political spectrum and provide well researched, witty analysis to keep our readers sane. We crowd funded a trip to Ferguson to report on the police protests, have broken serious stories, and even helped authorities catch high profile criminals with our reporting.

The Mission, and Your Help

Independent media is struggling to survive in the digital age. We want to prove that independent journalism and commentary can not only survive, but thrive. Ad revenue cannot sustain professionally run sites like The Daily Banter, and we need reader support to continue to do what we do. If you believe what we do is important, become a subscriber and help us on our mission to fund real content!

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