Posted on May 21, 2015

German Aerospace Experts Debunk North Korean Submarine Missile Photos

Posted in Foreign Policy

Retro fashion mogul and all round psychopath Kim Jong Un has yet again made his country the laughing stock of the world with another photoshopped photo of North Korea’s military prowess. In keeping with a long history of botched propaganda photos (more on that below), Kim claimed his country had successfully launched a ballistic missile from a submarine. If the launch had been real, it would have represented a...

Posted on Feb 27, 2015

MEMBERS ONLY: Which Countries Jeb Bush Will Invade, Ranked

Posted in Culture

Jeb, like his brother George, is a man who goes by his gut and isn't afraid to wield a big stick. He's already proved himself an up-and-coming hardliner to watch out for by absorbing key members of Dubya's national security team, and he's repeatedly warned of the weak approach Obama is taking to issues from Iran's nuclear program to setting up new trade ties with Cuba. If elected, the...

Posted on Apr 07, 2014

Surprise! Tony Blair Wants to Intervene in Syria

Posted in Politics

Tony Blair hasn't learned much from his catastrophic mission in the Middle East. One would think that after the decade long bloodbath in Iraq and an equally disastrous carnage in Afghanistan, he may have tempered his views on foreign interventions. But no, the most despised prime minister in British history is back at it again and beating the drums for more war in the Middle East....

Posted on Mar 17, 2014

Watch 1000 years of European Violence Through Border Changes

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If there’s one defining theme when it comes to European history, it is one of extreme violence. No one has done war, conquest and exploitation of its neighboring countries (and others) better than the Europeans – so much so that the continent engulfed almost the entire civilized world into two genocidal conflicts in the space of a few years. To understand just how crazy European history is, check out...