Posted on Jul 24, 2013

Washington, DC Is the Least Honest Place in the US

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Washington, DC is not a popular place.  That’s not really new.  For years I have been told that people “inside the beltway” are disconnected from the ordinary, hard working Americans that live outside of it.  New polling data released this week shows Congress’ approval rating sits st 12 percent.  Not only do 83 percent of people think Congress is doing a bad job but 57 percent want to kick everyone out...

Posted on Sep 10, 2012

Stats Show this Could be the Most Racially Polarized Election Ever

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As Senator Lindsey Graham stated about the GOP’s appeal to minorities, “We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.” This couldn’t be more true, as Gary Younge reports, minorities are running away from the GOP in droves. Black support for the Republican party literally cannot get any lower. A recent Wall Street Journal poll had 0% of African-Americans saying they intend to...

Posted on Aug 09, 2012

Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp Posts $1.6 Billion Loss

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The Daily Banter Headline grab (from the L.A Times): News Corp. reported a nearly $1.6-billion loss in its fiscal fourth quarter, reflecting the declining value of its publishing businesses — a beleaguered unit that it intends to spin off into a separate publicly traded company next year. For the April to June quarter, the Rupert Murdoch-controlled company reported a net loss of $1.55 billion, or 64 cents a share....

Posted on Jun 22, 2012

In Defense of Jonah Lehrer: Not a Sexist, and Should not be Fired

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By Ben Cohen: Poor Jonah Lehrer – the new New Yorker staff writer raked over the coals for plagiarizing himself is getting it from all angles. Lehrer’s science blog, ‘Frontal Cortex‘ features thought provoking posts on ‘science, imagination, and the mind’, and his move to the prestigious New Yorker was seen as a major accomplishment for someone so young (Lehrer is only 30 years old). His use of previous...

Posted on Jun 20, 2012

Self-Plagiarism at the New Yorker?

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Hamilton Nolan catches the New Yorkers newest columnist Jonah Lehrer bizarrely plagiarizing himself: Jim Romenesko pointed out today that in a June 12 blog post for The New Yorker, Jonah Lehrer plagiarized the shit out of himself. Specifically, the first three paragraphs are lifted almost word-for-word from this story that Lehrer wrote for the Wall Street Journal last October. (And Joe Coscarelli turned up several other instances of self-plagiarism...

Posted on Jun 08, 2012

Grover Norquist’s Psychopathic View of Society

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By Ben Cohen: Libertarian high priest Grover Norquist heads up a movement called ‘Americans for Tax Reform’ – an organization dedicated to slashing taxes and radically reducing the role of government. Norquist is the perfect leader for such a movement – cold, blunt and ruthless – and his acolytes worship everything he says. Norquist’s vision for America is not for the faint of heart. He appeals directly to radical...

Posted on May 31, 2012

The Truth About the President and the Deficit, Part Four

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By Bob Cesca: I’d like to get down to the bottom line when it comes to the deficit, the president’s fiscal policies and the impact of government spending during and after deep recessions. This week I wrote a piece about Rove’s latest Crossroads GPS commercial attacking the president for so-called “job-killing debt.” The non-partisan, by the way, ran an extensive debunking of many of the ridiculous lines from...