Posted on Jun 04, 2018

Rick Santorum Blames Obama And Dead Black People For Racism In America

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It took me a moment to digest Rick Santorum’s disgraceful comments on CNN yesterday, because they were so appalling, so detached from reality, and so nakedly racist that I had a hard time believing he could say this out loud. On a panel discussion on State Of The Union, former Obama aide Karine Jean-Pierre outlined the origins of America’s increased racial tensions in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency,...

Posted on Feb 06, 2016

Ben Shapiro Wins Asshole Tweet of the Year Award

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No doubt suffering from years of getting his ass kicked in high school, conservative child-man Ben Shapiro is renown for taking his frustrations out on anyone he perceives as being weaker than he is -- namely poor people, women and minorities. However, Shapiro outdid himself this week after attacking a dead child needlessly shot by a racist vigilante....

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

Republicans, Racism, and Reasonable Suspicion

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Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine has been making a spectacle of himself lately, most recently tying himself in knots trying to explain away his essay on race in the Obama Era. On Thursday night’s All In with Chris Hayes, his point seems to have evolved into a plea for fairness to Republicans, while conceding that everything about Republicanism is legitimately racist. He told Chris Hayes that “you can...