Posted on Apr 08, 2016

Watch The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Brilliantly Expose Transphobic Asshole Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt

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In the wake of the totally unnecessary and bigoted anti-trans measures taking effect across the nation, The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams did a brilliant segment exposing the idiocy of the “bathroom bills” that force trans people to use public restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates.  Williams interviewed transpeople, then took on major league asshole Colorado Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt — a bigot who believes people self identify as transgender for...

Posted on Dec 09, 2015

Jon Stewart’s Powerful Return To The Daily Show Is a Stark Reminder That Trevor Noah Just Isn’t Cutting It

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It's doubtful Stewart's return was intended to highlight the stark contrast between him and his successor, 31-year-old Trevor Noah, but intentional or not -- it did. It did in ways that are simply undeniable. On Monday, for a few very powerful minutes, The Daily Show was something it hasn't been once in the months since Stewart left and Noah took over: relevant, important, necessary....