Posted on Oct 15, 2012

Capital and Labor go to War in Vegas over Obama

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There’s a serious battle going on in Las Vegas that encapsulates the ongoing conflict between capital and labor in the US, the consequences of which could even determine the Presidential election. Reports the Guardian: On one side the Culinary Union, representing Lawrence and 55,000 other casino cooks, bell hops and chambermaids, is investing its formidable organisational power in a get-out-the-vote drive for President Barack Obama. On the other side...

Posted on Aug 07, 2012

Iran as Political Football

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By Danny Schechter: What are “international obligations”? Does the United States have to uphold them along with other counties? Does Washington even know they are defined as “obligations owed by states to the international community as a whole, intended to protect and promote the basic values and common interests of all.” By this definition, no one state can decide what’s best for all. When the United States stepped up...

Posted on Jul 16, 2012

Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson

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by Matt Isaacs, Lowell Bergman and Stephen Engelberg: A decade ago gambling magnate and leading Republican donor Sheldon Adelson looked at a desolate spit of land in Macau and imagined a glittering strip of casinos, hotels and malls. Where competitors saw obstacles, including Macau’s hostility to outsiders and historic links to Chinese organized crime, Adelson envisaged a chance to make billions. Adelson pushed his chips to the center of...

Posted on Jun 21, 2012

The Expensive Right-Wing Effort to Kill Obamacare

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By Bob Cesca: As I write this column today, the Supreme Court could, at any moment, hand down its decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. I don’t feel particularly hopeful about this one, given the crap-on-a-stick precedent of Citizens United and the penchant for the conservative justices to simply decide against something because it’s what all the crazy right-wingers are doing these days. But the fact...