Posted on Dec 10, 2013

Obama in Soweto: “The World Thanks You For Sharing Nelson Mandela With Us”

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Leaders from all over the world gathered in a Johannesburg's FNB stadium to honor the passing of Nelson Mandela in a rain soaked ceremony filled with thousands of mourners. In what was the one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in recent history and watched by millions around the world, President Obama addressed the cheering crowds to give thanks for the life 'Madiba', a man he described as...

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Paris Hilton Ends Hatred of Black Men in Honor of Nelson Mandela’s Death

Posted in Media

If you’ve been overheard and recorded uttering nasty racist slurs against black people, it’s probably best to keep quiet when an iconic person of color passes away. Paris Hilton has called black people ‘dirty niggers‘, told journalists that “she can’t stand black people“, and  has a “one percent” rule against dating black men (ie. her boyfriends can’t be more than 1% ‘black’). Nevertheless, the passing of Nelson Mandela prompted the...