Posted on Jun 13, 2011

Quote of the Day: Krugman Batters Lieberman

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Image via Wikipedia Paul Krugman slams Joe Lieberman’s proposals for Medicare eligibility: Joe Lieberman is proposing that we raise the Medicare eligibility age. That’s a truly cruel idea; as it happens, I know several people who are hanging on, postponing needed medical care, hoping that they can make it to 65 before something terrible happens….. Lieberman is proposing that we move a substantial number of older Americans into a...

Posted on Jun 13, 2007

Joe Lieberman Asked To Resign By His Own Party

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Bwahahahaha!. The Connecticut for Lieberman Party is calling on Senator Joseph Lieberman to resign from the U.S. Senate following his remarks made Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation regarding military action against Iran. Lieberman said on the national television program that, “we’ve got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians.” The Connecticut for Lieberman Chair, Dr. John Orman, called for Lieberman’s resignation saying that he...

Posted on May 31, 2007

Joe Lieberman vs. The Troops

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Who do you trust? The answer does not rhyme with “Joe Lieberman” (And never mind that he promised the voters he would “help end the war in Iraq”, that’s one of those inconvenient truths Al Gore is always talking about). Oliver Willis...

Posted on Apr 08, 2007

60 Is All I Ask

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I beg for the electorate to give us 60 Democrats in the Senate so we no longer have to entertain the rambling lies of a turd-stain warmonger like Joe Lieberman (I-CT). Oliver Willis...