Posted on Jul 23, 2018

Trump Threatens Nuclear War Against Iran, But Still Won’t Threaten Putin (Who’s Attacking Us)

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Lost in the fire hose of daily Trump news is the basic notion that the president is anything but presidential. Donald Trump continues to behave more like an incontinent mid-level radio or Fox News screecher, abandoning all links to the decorum or decency for which most previous presidents have exemplified. Whether we agreed with those past presidents is one thing, but generally speaking even the most nefarious presidents still...

Posted on Jan 16, 2016

Obama Wins Again: Iran Releases 4 US Prisoners, Including Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian

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Among the chief arguments against President Obama’s historic nuclear deal with Iran was an emotional appeal by Republicans who insisted that the release of American prisoners being held in Iran should have been a deal-breaker. They put a lot of eggs in that basket, and on Saturday, the day the deal was to be implemented, those eggs were all cracked at once. On Saturday morning, Iran announced that it...