Posted on Aug 22, 2013

FISA Court and NSA Discovered, Resolved Unconstitutional Collection of U.S. Emails

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AP: "The nations’ top intelligence official is declassifying three secret U.S. court opinions showing how the National Security Agency scooped up as many as 56,000 emails annually over three years and other communications by Americans with no connection to terrorism, how it revealed the error to the court and changed how it gathered Internet communications."...

Posted on Mar 07, 2013

Mr. Paul Goes to Washington

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He may not be Mr. Smith but Senator Rand Paul did exactly what I like to see Senators do, he executed an old school filibuster.  Sorry, Bob Cesca but I read the Eric Holder letter and to be honest, I think Paul has a point.  Here’s the actual letter.  The language that started all of this fuss was: “The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and onewe hope no President will ever have...