Posted on Sep 10, 2013

Don Lemon Isn’t the Enemy

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Don Lemon can't speak for all of Black America the same way the celebrities he implores to step up and be good role models can't. He's one guy offering an opinion and attempting to make what he believes is a positive impact. I'm not sure that beating up on someone who's at least perhaps trying to use the forum he has positively in the name of effecting change from...

Posted on Jul 02, 2013

Why I Can’t Say “The N-Word”

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There's a difference between simply saying a word that some find obscene and saying one that's been used by an entire culture to dehumanize another. Choosing to give up the ridiculous phrase "the F-Bomb" in favor of saying "fuck" will probably irritate a few delicate sensibilities, but coming out and saying "nigger" instead of "the N-Word" when simply discussing the word itself or reporting on its usage by someone...