Posted on Dec 22, 2015

Dear Media: Hillary Clinton Did Not Claim Donald Trump is Being Used in ISIS Recruiting Videos

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In case you missed Saturday night’s well-hidden Democratic presidential debate, the one piece of news that seems to have come out of it is that former Secretary of State Hillary Clintonpulled a Carly Fiorina, and claimed to have seen videos that didn’t exist. Instead of seeing a fetus kicking it on a Planned Parenthood table, though, Hillary apparently claimed to have seen Donald Trump appearing in ISIS recruiting videos....

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo and RT’s Peter Lavelle Go At Each Other on Live TV Over Russia’s Role in MH17

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This morning on CNN's New Day, RT presenter Peter Lavelle got into an explosive 11-minute-long shouting match with anchor Chris Cuomo. Cuomo took Lavelle to task about not only Russia's continued deflection and Putin's refusal to crack down on the pro-Russia, government-aided rebels who were more than likely responsible for the shoot-down, but also about what he claimed was RT's refusal to be actual journalists and question the line...