Posted on Jan 05, 2015

Doctor Shows The Right Way to Deal With Parents Who Won’t Vaccinate Their Kids

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We’ve covered the idiocy of anti-vaccinators quite a bit here at the Banter, largely out of the goodness of our own hearts. Not vaccinating your kids puts everyone else in danger, so our relentless mockery of the likes Jenny McCarthy is sort of like a public service (okay, maybe that’s not entirely true – ridiculing celebrities who have confused themselves with doctors because Oprah Winfrey likes them is always fun)....

Posted on Apr 12, 2014

Life and Other Four Letter Words: R I C H

Posted in Society

Here’s an ethics question: Imagine there’s a button that you can push and when you do you get a million dollars BUT someone you don’t know, a total stranger, drops dead… Question - do you push the button? Yawn. Too easy. The real question is: What’s the best way of treating repetitive strain injury in ones button-pushing finger?...

Posted on Apr 05, 2014

Life and Other Four Letter Words: F A M E

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As a society, we select the popular culture and we get the famous people we deserve. These famous people are getting worse and worse. Chris Brown makes Bobby Brown look like Doc Brown. Fame is a gift we as the many bestow upon the few. We choose them off the vast carousel of talent, looks and oddness (mostly looks) and lift them up in our collective consciousness. It’s...