Posted on Sep 17, 2015

There Are Very Serious Inconsistencies With Floyd Mayweather’s Drug Testing Explanation

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Floyd Mayweather was granted a retroactive therapeutic use exemption for an illegally administered IV before his fight with Manny Pacquiao this year. His explanation for this along with his shady history regarding performance enhancing drug (PEDs) use have some very serious inconsistencies. Has Mayweather been using PEDs all along?...

Posted on Feb 12, 2015

We Are All Responsible For Steroid Abuse in Sports

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Over the past week, the world of Mixed Martial Arts has been rocked to its core by the revelation that Anderson Silva, widely recognized as the greatest Martial Artist in history, had tested positive for Drostanolone and Adrostane metabolites before his fight with Nick Diaz. Assuming Silva's test result is correct, why would an athlete of his stature take such a stupid risk?...