Posted on Jul 19, 2018

What We Must Fight For: The Total And Utter Destruction Of Trumpism

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If you’ve spent enough time watching the likes of Tucker Carlson and other ostensibly reasonable Trump apologists, you’ll notice a pervasive theme. It’s one of pretend civility and the notion that the left is to blame for the toxic discourse in America. Carlson routinely tweets about the dangers of identity politics and the scourge of militant liberalism: More & more it feels like racial division is the subtext of...

Posted on Jun 04, 2018

Rick Santorum Blames Obama And Dead Black People For Racism In America

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It took me a moment to digest Rick Santorum’s disgraceful comments on CNN yesterday, because they were so appalling, so detached from reality, and so nakedly racist that I had a hard time believing he could say this out loud. On a panel discussion on State Of The Union, former Obama aide Karine Jean-Pierre outlined the origins of America’s increased racial tensions in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency,...