Posted on Aug 07, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: Kamala Harris Lays Down the Law

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This past weekend, junior California Senator Kamala Harris certified her role in our country’s future with her powerful speech at Netroots, a progressive conference, denouncing the notion that standing for civil rights is playing “identity politics.” Harris, who is half-Indian and half-black, is the tenth African-American Senator since Reconstruction and the second black woman to do so. Before her ascension to the Senate, she served as San Francisco District Attorney and...

Posted on Jul 31, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: Embracing The Shadow

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Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. – Carl Jung According to Jungian philosophy, there is a collective unconscious that all humans can tap in to. It is innate, gifted to us at birth, and...

Posted on Jun 18, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: The Importance Of Remaining Positive

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(This article is now free for regular Banter readers)  Every now and then, I am overcome by an all encompassing sense of dread and panic. The realities of the Trump administration’s vicious war on the American public, the environment, and our sense of reality sets in and I can’t help but feel completely hopeless. With the Democrats out of power and the Republican Party controlling every branch of government,...

Posted on Jun 07, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: The Top Three Most Annoying Things About How Pundits Are Covering The Midterms

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With Tuesday’s primary elections in Iowa, Alabama, California and elsewhere fully in the can, we can declare this week to be the official launch of the 2018 midterm election season. While I’m not getting happy, I’m feeling similarly to many anti-Trumpers who are eagerly awaiting election day with a degree of anticipation that feels not unlike, I don’t know, almost falling backwards in a chair by why of Christmas...

Posted on May 29, 2018

MEMBERS ONLY: The Republican Party Can Never Be Negotiated With Again

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The Democrats must wage their own unrelenting war on the Republican grip on power, and be equally ruthless should they attain it. It starts this year with the midterm elections, and should end in 2020 with the biggest election turn out in US history. And should the Democrats win, they should do everything in their power to solidify their power base for decades to come. ...