Posted on Dec 11, 2013

Warm and Fuzzy Alert: WestJet Airline Plays Santa for its Passengers and It’s Glorious

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Tis the season for brands big and small to capitalize on holiday cheer… and hopefully do some good in the world too.  Well, at least that’s the case with WestJet, a budget airline company out of Canada, which surprised two flights worth of passengers with an unexpected Christmas miracle. The video below has gone viral, with over 7 million views and it’s with good reason.  WestJet employees set up...

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

James Franco & Seth Rogen Epically Clown Kanye With “Bound 2” Parody

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While on the set of the movie, The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco decided to use their down time to pay homage to their favorite music video, “Bound 2” by Kanye West.  Of course, they stayed true to the artistic integrity of the piece, with Franco in the Kanye role and Rogen doing justice as a buxom Kim Kardashian.  “Bound 3” as  dubbed by the duo was originally...

Posted on Nov 14, 2013

The Morning Banter: Andy Kaufman is Alive, The McRib is Back and Putin is Now A 9th Degree Black Belt

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Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin was granted “honorary taekwondo grandmaster status, though he isn’t known to practice the sport.  However he does practice Judo regularly. So in case you aren’t keeping track, that means Putin can ride a horse (shirtless), catch his dinner (shirtless) and kick your ass (shirtless). (Fun fact: In 2008 Putin starred in an instructional video called “Let’s Learn Judo With Vladimir Putin”) Got a cool, crisp $105...

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

The Morning Banter: Halloween Tricks, Treats, Haunts & Howls Edition

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Happy Halloween, Banter readers!  Here’s all the tricks, treats, haunts and howls to get you through the day.  Go on and tell us, if the Halloween spirit is alive and well, what you’re dressing up as today in the comments section too! In last Wednesday’s Morning Banter, I posted a cool profile on Sriracha hot sauce, that outlined the company’s unique platform and noble inner workings.  However all of that...

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

The Morning Banter: No More Dollar Menu, Blank Pages in the Times, Ja Rule Writes A Cookbook

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Happy Thursday!  Here’s some worthy news bites to peruse while keeping your eye on the first congressional hearing into the roll out goes on in Washington. Who says jail doesn’t do a person good? Ja Rule (yeah, this Ja Rule)  is writing a microwave cookbook after having spent two years in prison, learning to cook his own meals with one.  There better be some Ruff Ryders Ramen on...

Posted on Oct 23, 2013

The Morning Banter: Hot Coffee! Hot Sauce! Hot Tweets! Hot-Headed Dick Cheney + More

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Welcome to Wednesday, where we all collectively groan with anticipation for tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven.  To get you prepped for the steamy goodness, I’ve collected a few of the hotter stories on the internet today.  Take a look. As a kid, one of the most fascinating news stories I heard was when an old woman spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap, sued and won a $2.9...

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

The Morning Banter: Kimye Gets Engaged, GW University Lies (Again), Civilian Drone Strike Deaths + More

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It’s Tuesday! Let’s do this.  Here’s everything everyone else is talking about: My Alma Mater sure does like to see its name in the paper, the problem is it is always for some sort of scandal (ahem, see here).  This time George Washington University coughs up the truth on how they are not 100% need-blind with their admissions process.  Of course they aren’t… they’re one of the most expensive...

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

WATCH: “Archer” cast remade as “Top Gun” / “Danger Zone” music video

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HIIIIIIIIIIGHWAAAAAAAY TO THE DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANGERZONE….. In a bid to (continue) being the most underrated show on television, the creators of cartoon spy-spoof Archer have released a trailer for the new season, featuring the animated cast reimagined as characters from the hit movie Top Gun, more specifically in the vein of the classic theme song “Danger Zone.”  My only disappointment lies in there being 3+ months before the fifth season will...

Posted on Oct 10, 2013

The Morning Banter: The Monster the Koch Brothers Created (and Can’t Control), A Standing Ovation Deserved + More

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Thirsty Thursday is upon us! Here’s some more poison for you to slug down with your morning coffee: In a case of Frankenstein (where the monster ultimately leads to the demise of the creator), the Koch Brothers are having great difficulty reining in their Right-Wing Tea Party Monster.  Further proof that karma, is in fact, a bitch. The government may not be doing its job, but the people aren’t...

Posted on Oct 09, 2013

The Morning Banter: Everything You Need To Know About the Debt Ceiling + More

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It’s Wednesday and unless you’re furloughed out of the office, you’re probably looking for a real good excuse to put off that TPS report right about now.  Well here it is… everything you need to know and everything you should be talking about. The Washington Post has made it exponentially easier for you to bullshit your way through a conversation about the  Debt Ceiling with this handy guide. Time...