Posted on May 17, 2015

The True Capital of Prisons

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In the murky swamp waters of Louisiana, there lies an experiment that has been cooking up for the past 20 years. Created and conducted without the public's consent, it is an experiment, which if successful, could serve as the prototype for other states and other countries....

Posted on Aug 06, 2013

The Music Festival of the Near Future

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It’s festival season again but the anesthetized, corporate extravaganzas of today are a pale imitation of the bacchanalian Woodstock or Isle of Wight festivals of yesteryear. Watch the video below and ask: is this what awaits us in the future? Kojo Koram...

Posted on Jul 31, 2013

Drones: For or Against? Time for Everyone on the Left to Decide

Posted in Foreign Policy

Much of the left are increasingly happy to publicly savage Barack Obama and his administration, creating a division between themselves and those on the left who still have faith in the President. The topic that seems to marks the demarcation line between these two groups the most is Obama's use for unmanned predator drones. For some, it is a necessary evil that the President must use to face off...

Posted on Jul 29, 2013

The Real History of Rap

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For years, critics of hip-hop music have accused it of being a materialistic and misogynistic creation of modern urban communities. However in the video below, UK wordsmith Akala uses another narrative to explain the emergence of hip-hop. Watch if you are interested in historical and spiritual roots of this culture, which are shown to be antithetical to what many people think hip-hop is all about today. Kojo Koram...

Posted on Jul 18, 2013

This is how you respond to a tabloid trying to ‘bodyshame’ you!

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In the UK, right wing tabloid The Daily Mail revels in exposing the body of female celebrities whenever possible to either objectify or shame them. However, they chose the wrong celebrity when they tried to mock singer Amanda Palmer for a wardrobe malfunction at Glastonbury festival. Rather, than bury her head in shame, this was her response. Keep going until the end, it is worth it. Kojo Koram...