Posted on Jan 16, 2009

DAM: Palestinian Political Hip Hop from Israel

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By Chalan Moon DAM (Arabic: دام‎; Hebrew: דם‎) is the first Palestinian hip hop group. Based out of Israel, their music is highly political, voicing their opinions on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict and the oppression of the Palestinian people. The name is both an Arabic verb meaning “to be eternal” and Hebrew for “blood.” The name is also an acronym for Da Arabian MCs. They have gone on 4 tours...

Posted on Nov 10, 2008

The Global Magnitude of Our Election

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by Chalan Moon My pride is growing wildly. I want to be back in America for just one week to celebrate with all my people. It feels so goooooood to say ‘my people’. By it, I don’t mean republicans or democrats, but Americans. I want to drink copiously with friends and cheers strangers. I want to give a global high-five. I want to hug my mothers and fathers, brothers...

Posted on Nov 03, 2008

The Agonizing Death of Our Voting Rights

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by Chalan Moon In 2000, twenty members of the House of Representatives presented voter suppression complaints to a joint-session of Congress. Hundreds of thousands of voters, predominantly black, had been disenfranchised and refused their right to vote. They also requested that the recount of Florida continue. Law prohibited action without the support of at least one senator and one representative. Not one senator stood up. Not one joined a...

Posted on Oct 20, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Democracy

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by Chalan Moon Political ideology panders to the imagination very much like pundits persuade the intellectually meek and corruptible. I imagine the efforts of a candidate. He or she boldly delivers unabashed honesty and everyone recognizes it as such. My vote is clear and crisp. It is a mountainous lake in the summer and I dive into its refreshing body to immerse myself in certainty. The waters and my...

Posted on Oct 17, 2008

Drudge Claims Race is Tight – 49 Obama, 47 McCain

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By Ben Cohen The Right Wing ‘Drudge Report’ broke a story today claiming the race was 49 Obama, 47 McCain. Titled ‘Gallup Shock: 49 Obama, 47 McCain with likely voters’, the story gives the impression that we’ve been wrong all along, and Obama is nowhere near as dominant as we thought. Not so says (the leading poll statistician): Slow news day, Matt?  If this is a two-point race...

Posted on Oct 14, 2008

Galvanize the Pen

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by Chalan Moon Typological organization helps the mind to make sense of the world around it. With it, we are able to assert that ‘all rats are rodents, but not all rodents are rats’. This is an important capability, but has been inappropriately defined by political spinning and rhetoric for too long. It is, essential, a linguistic tactic to persuade how you perceive the government. ‘All democrats are liberal...