Posted on Dec 02, 2009

Deabting Obama’s Strategy, ctd.

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by Ari Rutenberg Just to add my two cents to the comments by Bob, Ben, and Matt, I think it is a fool’s errand. From my perspective, there are three main issues at hand here, only one of which actually has to do with Afghanistan. The first is the same mistake large bureaucracies, especially the U.S. government, often make. The mistake is to assume that it is better to...

Posted on Dec 01, 2009

Cable News Ninjas

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by Ari Rutenberg According to John Cole at Balloon Juice, last night “Ed Schultz just spent fifteen minutes talking about the party crashers, and actually said “What if one of them were a ninja? Obama could have been killed.”” My love of ninjas is well known, and I like Ed Schultz, but seriously what the hell is he talking about? I mean there’s getting caught up in an irrelevant...

Posted on Nov 23, 2009

Incoherent white American resentment

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by Ari Rutenberg Update: Just finished the article, and Palinsanity is another keeper. It should be a clinical diagnosis… I was going to post this as a comment on Ben’s earlier article about the always brilliant Matt Taibbi’s latest article on Sarah Palin. But it became such a long comment that I decided it could make a post. So in my opinion, the best phrase of Taibbi’s article is:...

Posted on Nov 13, 2009

What is going on in this country?: Man convicted of robbing mom over parking ticket

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by Ari Rutenberg From HuffPost: “An Anchorage man has been convicted of robbing his mother at gunpoint because she didn’t give him money to help pay a parking ticket. The Anchorage district attorney said Thursday that 27-year-old Cheng Saelee was also convicted of illegally contacting his mother from jail and trying to get her to drop the charges.” Wow…there is something seriously wrong with this country. People are totally...

Posted on Nov 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs: The Onion’s take

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by Ari Rutenberg From The Onion via Andrew Sullivan: “Acting on anonymous tips from within the Hispanic-American community, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials on Wednesday deported Luis Miguel Salvador Aguila Dominguez, who for the last 48 years had been living illegally in the United States under the name Lou Dobbs… “Mr. Dominguez did not come quietly, but in the end he came,” said Sam Whitlock of the U.S....

Posted on Nov 11, 2009

A quick note on Gordon Brown

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by Ari Rutenberg I never thought I’d find myself defending him, but the crap the UK Prime Minister has been receiving for some errors in a hand written condolence note is pretty out of bounds. There are many things for which it is legitimate to criticize any politician, and many more for Mr. Brown. But attempting to offer genuine condolences for a lost soldier should never be one of...

Posted on Oct 22, 2009

Alan Grayson interrogates some unfortunate Republican hack

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by Ari Rutenberg In the following clip, Rep. Alan Grayson prosecutorially dismantles Georgia’s Paul Broun on an amendment banning ACORN employees from participating in certain government oversight function. The reason is that it is unconstitutional to single out a certain group or class for special treatment, what the constitution refers to as bills of attainder. The bill is political nonsense, and clearly unconstitutional. Rep. Broun obviously has no understanding...

Posted on Oct 16, 2009

Why are we still talking about balloon boy?

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by Ari Rutenberg Just a quick question…why the hell is CNN still covering the balloon boy non-stop? He alive, was never on the damn thing, and its over. There are at least 10,000 other, vastly more worthy news stories to be covering and CNN chooses this nonsense. Well, apparently Ted Turner wants to buy CNN back. Between this crap and John Stewart’s recentskewering of CNN’s fact checking SNL but...

Posted on Aug 20, 2009

Shaq vs. Oscar De La Hoya…amazing

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by Ari Rutenberg For those who don’t know, Shaq is starring in a new TV series called “Shaq vs.” It will feature him competing against other athletes at their own sports. In this video, shot on a cell phone camera, the mismatch between Shaq and Mr. De La Hoya is obvious from the start. Despite the boxer’s advantage in terms of skill and experience, the physics simply works against...

Posted on Jul 08, 2009

Hack Watch and Stupid Hall of Fame: Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade

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In the most embarrassing clip I’ve yet seen (out of at least 50,000 options) from the imbecilic and often incoherent FNC morning show Fox and Friends, co-genius Brian Kilmeade goes on a rant about racial purity…during a discussion about how staying socially active can help prevent dementia. It’s not quite as cringe-worthy as Bruno, except that’s what Sacha Baron Cohen was going for. Via HuffPo and So what...