The Real State Of The Union Donald Trump Won’t Discuss

America’s longstanding presidential tradition of the State of the Union address will showcase a president who will go down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest liar in history. Donald Trump is a compulsive liar and he will lie repeatedly on Tuesday when he addresses the nation. 

The Associated Press reports that Trump will use the address to cite questionable progress under his watch and seek bipartisanship in moving forward. And in the words of White House legislative director Marc Short: “The president is going to talk about how America’s back. The president is also going to make an appeal to Democrats to say we need to rebuild our country. And to make an appeal that to do infrastructure, we need to do it in a bipartisan way.”

Trump lives in his own alternate reality so it will be easy for him to avoid discussing the declining State of our Union and the negative impact he’s had on our nation. He will of course gloss over his daily violations of the constitution — acts that would make the founding fathers turn in their graves.

Trump does not want America to focus on the fact that he, his advisors and family members actively sought to undermine American democracy by colluding with a foreign power to win the 2016 presidential election. Trump won’t remind Americans that over the coming months more information from the Robert Mueller investigation will show him to be America’s first treasonous president. Trump won’t discuss the resurgence of overt racism because white nationalists feel as though that they have a friend in the White House. Trump told white Americans not to be ashamed of unearned privilege and he has let them know that he’s here to maintain it. The validation of this was the election that gave him license to enact brutal policies that disproportionately inflicts pain and suffering to black and brown Americans. Trump has delivered on his promises in so many ways. His Housing and Urban Development (HUD) led by Ben Carson, has attempted to limit the flexibility of housing options and increase the likelihood of price gouging for low income citizens that use Section 8 vouchers. And his attorney general Jeff Sessions has enacted multiple initiatives that target black and brown communities. Trump’s virulent racism also showed itself with his neglect of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as they dealt – and continue to deal with the effects of a natural disaster.

Donald Trump won’t tell America that the State of the Union is seeing white children across the country taking cues from their parents, community and president by intimidating and taunting black and brown Americans without repercussion. And unsurprisingly, Trump has consistently surrounded himself with white supremacists and white nationalists to reinforce his beliefs and to remind him that racism is in his self-interest.

Even after a year of constant chaos, scandal and corruption, polls show the Republican Party, the largest white identity, racist organization in the world, and its voters still support him. It doesn’t matter that he is a serial adulterer currently being sued for sexual assault or that he paid hush money to cover up affairs. They still support him. It doesn’t matter that he is brazenly lazy, attacks the free press and the rule of law. They stand by him no matter what.

Trump won’t tell Americans that there is a contingent of military officers and mental health professionals who have heeded constant warnings about his instability and impulsive dangerousness to cause massive human casualties through a nuclear war. Trump’s malignant narcissism has been discussed in fragments, but in the context of being a bad politician, instead of what it truly means in terms of being an unstable, horrible human being with immense power.

The real State of the Union is a crumbling American Democracy that lacks empathy and a shared vision to improve the lives of all citizens. Our American institutions have been rattled by Trump’s actions to weaken them. Money has corrupted our politics and corporations hide trillions of dollars in tax havens to skirt their fiduciary responsibility of paying their fair share of taxes.

Millions of Americans live in fear of deportation, inequality has worsened, and wages have stagnated. Racial segregation is rampant throughout our society, neighborhoods and schools. Too many white Americans feel entitled, and far too many non-white Americans feel disrespected and threatened by state sponsored attacks on their well-being. The media will continue to find ways to normalize this corrupt and hate centered president, along with normalizing coverage of his supporters because they believe it is in their self-interest to convey equivalence to the worst human beings among us.

The State of the Union address to be given by Donald Trump will be a big waste of time if you are seeking truth about the status of our nation. Our country is sick with no real pathway to correct its sins. Trump will say how great he’s been for America and the world, and at least for an hour or two, Trump’s dark soul and fragile psyche will have the thing he craves most, attention.

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