Lunatic Conservative Wants to “Shut Down” the FBI Over Mueller Investigation

Speaking on Fox News today, Tom Fitton, the head of a conservative watchdog group stated that not only does the Mueller investigation need to be “shutdown”, but the entire FBI too:

“I think the FBI’s been compromised,” said Fitton. “Forget about shutting down Mr. Mueller. Do we need to shut down the FBI because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration?”

Firstly, using the KGB as an analogy isn’t the brightest thing to do given Donald Trump’s cosy relationship with Vladimir Putin and the Russian government. Secondly, what the fuck? You can’t shut down an entire federal organization because some of the agents think Donald Trump is an idiot.  Hell, his own administration thinks he’s an idiot with a “brain the size of a kindergartner”. If you don’t think Trump was an idiot, you probably shouldn’t be in the FBI in the first place. This is a Commander in Chief who has to be babysat at all hours of the day, spoon fed information that won’t send him into a rage, and plopped in front of Fox News to keep him happy. 

Fitton’s assertion that “There was no distinction between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Department of Justice and the FBI,” is of course completely evidence free (and given James Comey’s interference late in the election to declare the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, one could more successfully argue the exact opposite). Obama wasn’t running any sort of KGB operation, and as Sam Schwarz at NewsWeek points out: “The fact that Fitton was permitted to voice this claim on cable television is proof itself that America does not have a secret police force trying to suppress dissent. Were Fitton living in Russia when the KGB was active, he would have found no platform to voice his claims and likely would have faced fatal consequences.”

Fox News has been running with this sort of nonsense for months now in a blatant attempt to lay the groundwork for Trump’s firing of Robert Mueller. People like Fitton who seem eloquent and informed are dragged on air to repeat this treasonous garbage in the hopes that enough of it sticks. And sadly, it likely will, paving the way for Trump to end American democracy once and for all

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.