The Left Must Now Officially Accept That Clinton Would Not Have Been “Just as Bad” as Trump

With Trump’s announcement that the US will be formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and will be moving the US embassy there from Tel Aviv, it must now be officially acknowledged by all those on the far Left that Hillary Clinton would not have been “just as bad” as Donald Trump. 

This was Glenn Greenwald back in 2016 explaining to the Guardian’s Mehdi Hasan that Donald Trump was not as bad as Hillary Clinton when it came to US policy towards Israel/Palestine: 

This “non-interventionist mindset” lasted all of 9 months before Trump began officially threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea, and has now upended decades of already biased policy towards Israel by pouring gasoline on their conflict with the Palestinians.

Of course you won’t hear any retraction from the likes of Greenwald, Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, or any of the Bernie Sanders fanatics who steadfastly stuck to the notion that both candidates were equally bad and not worth voting for. 

There can now be no sane person on earth who believes Hillary Clinton would have been by any reasonable definition “just as bad” as Donald Trump. She would not have threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea. She would not have officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. She would not have stolen millions of acres of public land, and would not have pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Hillary Clinton would not have left mass vacancies in vital government organizations a year into her presidency. She would not have gutted the EPA or reversed Obama’s clean power plan. Hillary Clinton would not have attempted to gut Obamacare or pass one of the most unpopular pieces of tax legislation in American history. 

There is little point in relitigating the 2016 election, but moving forwards the left desperately needs to get its act together and work towards getting the most insane government in American history out of power. To do this requires confronting some hard truths about the political system in America and acknowledging that we do not live in a perfect society. Yes, the Democrats are flawed, and yes Hillary Clinton was not the perfect candidate (I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary and have always had reservations about her). However, the threat from the other side of the aisle is so extreme, so fanatical and so dangerous that almost any Democrat (or Republican for that matter) would have been preferable to Donald Trump. He is surrounded by dangerous white nationalists and is so wantonly destructive that he could well spell the end of American democracy. And no, that isn’t hyperbole — it’s historical fact

The hard left has consistently refused to engage with political reality, instead choosing to dig its heels in at the worst possible moment in history. This isn’t Britain where both political parties believe in science, believe in women’s reproductive rights, accept global warming as fact and understand all citizens must have access to health care. In America, one side believes in a civil society that cares for its citizens, while the other exists purely to plunder the nation’s resources and hand them over to the ultra wealthy. One side believes in science, while the other believes in burning the planet to a crisp to make a quick buck. The Democrats and Republicans are not the same, and Hillary Clinton is most certainly not “just as bad” as Donald Trump. 

The evidence for this seemingly obvious fact is now irrefutable, and if you still can’t be convinced then expect to be treated no differently than the monsters currently in power. 

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.