Trump Tweeted About Fake Iran Missile Launch Proving Again He is Unqualified to be President

In yet further proof that Donald Trump should be removed from the White House as fast as humanly possible, the president tweeted that Iran “just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel,” when in fact they did nothing of the sort. Reported The Daily Beast

Reports of an Iranian missile launch on Friday—about which President Trump tweeted—were fake, U.S. officials told Fox News on Monday. Iran played a video of a missile launch during a military parade last week, claiming it showed a new type of missile—but the footage was actually from a failed launch in January, two U.S. officials said. That didn’t stop Trump from tweeting about the unconfirmed reports as though they were fact on Saturday. 

This would be like reporting something off of North Korean state television as fact — an act of idiocy even the most ignorant of politicians would avoid. Trump seems incapable of understanding that his tweets carry the entire weight of his presidency and have an effect on diplomatic relations with foreign countries. Over and over and over again Trump tweets without fact checking, creating chaos and confusion — and more alarmingly, potential conflict with other countries. Both North Korea and Iran are clearly agitated by Trump’s insane outburst and random twitter threats, making the threat of a nuclear war all the greater. 

Just think about what President Obama would have done in this situation. Had he seen the report on Iranian news, Obama would have checked in immediately with his foreign policy advisors, the Pentagon and every diplomatic source available to ascertain the validity of the report before making a public statement. Because that is what real leaders do — they think before acting. Trump simply reacts instinctively to whatever happens to be in front of him in the moment, like an agitated drunk in a bar looking for a fight. 

For students of history, it is mistakes like this that can start wars. And if Trump is not contained by the people around him, the potential for conflict rises by the day. He is handling North Korea atrociously, and has now added fuel to America’s rift with Iran. Both countries have nuclear capabilities and the potential for massive loss of human life is very, very real. 

This appears to be a big game for Trump who uses twitter to create great instability while he goes about wrecking what is left of the country’s institutions and breaking the will of conscientious Americans. Politically this seems to work for him in the short term as he careens from one disaster to the next. But his behavior creates a ripple effect around the globe, and at some point it will come back to bite America, and while he is still in charge, Trump won’t have any idea how to control what he has unwittingly released. 

Trump cannot break the will of the resistance if we do not allow him to. So keep fighting, and keep believing that we will finally be rid of this menace once and for all. 

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.