Trump’s Invention of “Nambia” May Be Another Sign of His Dangerous Mental Degeneration

While deeply embarrassing for the United States, President Trump’s creation of a new African country ‘Nambia’ during a luncheon with African leaders in New York is actually extremely worrying. In what could well be another sign of his worsening mental state, Trump appeared to create, or misname an African country. “In Guinea and Nigeria, you fought a horrifying Ebola outbreak,” said Trump. “Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient.”

The president went on to compliment “Nambia” again for its healthcare system — a sign that it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue. Trump is either brazenly ignorant about the African continent (a possibility) or he is suffering serious cognitive decline and memory loss. 

As a businessman with dealings in multiple countries around the world however, it is unlikely that Trump is not aware of Namibia — a notion he alluded to during the same luncheon when he told the African leaders that, “I have so many friends going to your countries to get rich.” 

Rich people pay particular attention to emerging markets, especially men like Donald Trump who have built their wealth exploiting the lack of regulation in less developed countries (Russia, anyone?). It is more likely that Trump is having a hard time putting coherent sentences together and formulating words he knows correctly.  

As Matt Taibbi reported on in his latest column for Rolling Stone, respected psychologists are becoming increasingly alarmed about Trump’s mental state as his behavior indicates it is degenerating rapidly. John Gartner, a psychologist who trained residents at Johns Hopkins, told Taibbi that his personality disorder is becoming increasing severe:  

Add paranoia, sadism and antisocial behavior to narcissistic personality disorder and you have a new diagnosis: “malignant narcissism.” Trump, he [Gartner] says, is no paranoid schizophrenic who walks the streets claiming to be the Son of God – no one “so grossly ill” could be elected. However, the president’s increasing tendency to obsess over persecution theories – and not just parrot meaningless stupidities like the inaugural crowd story but seemingly believe them – shows that he’s crossing a meaningful diagnostic line into psychotic delusions, common among malignant narcissists.

“We’re not talking about a gross psychotic disorder,” Gartner says. “We’re talking about a way in which people with severe personality disorders can regress to what they call transient psychotic states.” He adds, “It’s a more subtle kind of psychosis, but it goes over the boundary into psychosis.”

 As Oxford Medicine Online notes, transient psychotic disorders are evident when:

There is acute onset of delusions, hallucinations, incomprehensible or incoherent speech, or any combination of these

Check, check, and check. 

While many are mocking Trump for his latest verbal gaffe, the truth is that the president could be suffering from a serious mental disorder that warrants intervention and treatment. If this is the case, the responsible adults around him need to move fast before more damage is done. 

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.