Bantercast #10: Jim St. Germain – From Haiti to the World

In today’s episode of the Bantercast, we spoke with the amazing Jim St. Germain, the author of ‘A Stone of Hope: A Memoir’.

Jim was born in Haiti into severe poverty and moved to New York City aged 11, where he fell into a life of gang activity and crime. He turned his life around with the help of some incredible mentors and now runs Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT), a nonprofit organization that provides mentoring to at-risk youth. Hear his unfiltered, raw take on politics in the US, his life in Haiti, and how he navigates the different worlds of severe poverty and privilege. Also joining us on the show was Christina McDowell, the author of After Perfect: A Daughter’s Memoir. Christina introduced us to Jim after hearing him speak and tell his incredible story. 

It was a fascinating conversation you won’t want to miss, so we opened up the whole show to everyone, including the bonus Patrons Only content for our super generous subscribers on Patreon. If you’d like to support what we do you can check out our mission statement here!

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