Richard Spencer’s White Nationalist Rally at the Lincoln Memorial was Painfully Lame

Apparently Richard Spencer, leader of the white nationalist alt-right, just doesn’t pull the crowds he used to. Headlining a laughably misnamed “freedom of speech” rally where white nationalists wore their victimhood on their sleeve, Spencer preened for several news crews before giving a short speech about how the alt-right’s hate speech is under assault by mean ol’ liberals.

You’d expect the most famous neo-Nazi in America to attract throngs of followers but the crowd wasn’t exactly overwhelming:

To be fair, the counter rally further up the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial wasn’t awe-inspiring, either. The usual anti-fascist crowd was holding a protest across the city at the DC police headquarters so the white nationalists drew a much smaller protest crowd than normal:

As Spencer was finishing up with the news cameras, a couple of dozen white nationalists, mostly dressed in white polo shirts like a gaggle of Yuppies, marched in like they were on parade. They even had a soundtrack, some kind of vaguely Kraftwerk-sounding song on a loop. Several were carrying various flags and they seemed quite puffed up with importance. 

Please excuse the video quality (and my off the cuff commentary), the National Mall does not have great reception and FB Live is a bit of a bandwidth hog:

After this, they marched down into the unimpressive crowd assembled at the edge of the Reflecting Pool. Spencer then gave his speech followed by several other aggrieved white men ranting about white genocide, the Jews, the Muslims, the immigrants, “build the wall”, the media, George Soros, and, of course, Hillary Clinton. Bob Cesca has taken to calling these buzzwords “shibboleths” (Google it, goyim) because they’re little more than catchphrases to elicit a cheer from grunting neanderthals.

My three takeaways from the “rally”:

1. It was mostly men. The counter-rally was a roughly 50/50 mix of men and women but the white nationalist crowd was overwhelmingly XY. Out of the 300 or so gathered, if 20 were female, I’d be surprised. I suspect this stems from the misogyny that runs rampant throughout the movement. Remember, in alt-right land, the white man (emphasis on “man”) is under assault from every side.

2. This feeling of persecution was by far the dominant theme of the rally. The word “enemy” got tossed about like confetti. The entire premise of the rally was that the “free speech” of white nationalists is under attack by the Jew media, liberal colleges and the anti-fascist movement. This is rich since one of the very first things white nationalists do when they take power is shut down all free speech, preferably with violence. While they were bitching about how their rights are being trampled, they lustily cheered every time someone attacked the “dishonest” press. One can only assume they would happily support Trump censoring the Jew-controlled media. One can also assume they don’t understand the contradiction involved.

3. The other recurring theme was “unite the right.” Apparently, with Steve Bannon reportedly being put in a corner by Jared Kushner and the Republican Party not embracing Pepe the Frog while Trump erratically wanders about muttering about Russia, white nationalists feel their power slipping away and they’re…ahem…hopping mad about it. But instead of calling everyone a “cuckservative”, the speakers plead with their alt-right brethren to stop fighting with the not-as-alt-right. I guess the alt-right is smarter than the alt-left. Go figure.

I ended up leaving shortly before it ended because, frankly, it’s the same gibberish I read whenever I wade into the cesspool at Breitbart and Stormfront: Angry racists screaming about how they’re the victims and they’re not gonna take it anymore. The upshot here is that Richard Spencer could only draw out a crowd of 300 fellow wannabe Nazis on a pleasant summer day. There were literally more random people visiting the Lincoln Memorial at the same time than showed up for the rally itself:

The downside is that these misanthropes represent the core ideology of the modern conservative movement even if they’re not smart enough to dress up their white nationalism in the more acceptable language the Republican Party still uses. Listening to the raw hate is disturbing but that’s who the GOP is now so we better stop pretending otherwise.

There are 498 days left to the 2018 elections.

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