Elizabeth Warren Eviscerates GOP Health Care Bill: “Blood Money Paid With American Lives”

Elizabeth Warren took to social with a video yesterday to lay waste to the Republican health care bill proposed by the Senate yesterday — a bill negotiated almost completely in secret for several weeks. Warren labeled the bill “blood money” that pays for tax cuts to the rich “with American lives”.

“You get why they kept it in secret,” said Warren. “This bill just has one flashing neon light after another that signals who it is the Republicans work for.”

Warren then set about dismantling the bill, revealing its bias towards the rich, enormous giveaways to the health insurance industries (CEOs in particular), and stripping away medicaid benefits. “Remember the House bill that cut billions from the Medicaid program?” asked Warren. “The Republicans in the Senate have decided that bill wasn’t cruel enough. So they put in deeper cuts on Medicaid.”

“30 million kids who get their health care from Medicaid? Deeper cuts. For nearly two out of three seniors in nursing homes who rely on Medicaid to help them pay their nursing home bills? They’re going to face cuts. Cuts, cuts, cuts”

Warren then turned to Planned Parenthood — the organization Republicans have vilified for purely political purposes at the expense of women’s health for decades. 

“For the millions of women who count on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings, STI tests, basic health care services. Gone,” she said. 

“This bill is about tax breaks for the rich. And this is about Republicans saying ‘hey, those are our priorities'”

Watch the full segment below: 

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