Rachel Maddow Savages Trump’s Shady Business Dealings With Azerbaijan Oligarchs Iranian Terror Group

There is an emerging story about an unopened Trump hotel in Azerbaijan that has, as Adam Davidson in the New Yorker has uncovered, been linked to corrupt officials who support the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This is potentially a huge scandal that should have the Trump administration seriously worried. 

The never opened building in Azerbaijan’s capital, named the Trump International Hotel & Tower Baku, was never completed, despite it being planned almost 10 years ago. The Trump Organization and Azerbaijani developers signed a contract to turn the building into a luxury hotel in 2012, but it has remained unopened ever since. 

On her show last night, Rachel Maddow broke down the New Yorker story and made it abundantly clear that Trump and his family “were in business with the cartoon caricature of corruption,” and failed to do their due diligence when signing off on the project. US companies are strictly prohibited from conducting business abroad if funds originate from companies with known ties to terrorism. “Looking the other way is not a defense,” said Maddow. This story, she argued, is quite possibly the “next major line of inquiry into our new president.” 

Maddow stated that she believes the New Yorker piece provides one of the “best explanations we have had yet about why the White House is so dramatically freaked out about the prospect that there might be an independent investigation into the president and his contacts.”

“There is a reason we should expect this White House to do everything in his power to keep secret his finances and his business dealings,” she said.

Take the time to watch the full segment, as we’ll be hearing much more about it in the coming weeks: 

Part 2:

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