No, Hillary’s Leaked Speeches Are Not “Just As Bad” As Trump’s Leaked Video, You F*cking Idiot

I swear to Dog, the desperate need for people on the far left to turn Hillary Clinton into the moral equivalent of Donald Trump is nauseating, not least because they consider themselves to be more “liberal” than the rest of us establishment, pragmatic “sheeple”.

The same day that Trump was exposed as bragging about sexual assault, the increasingly irrelevant Wikileaks released a new batch of stolen emails. In them were partial transcripts of Hillary’s long-sought after paid speeches she gave to several banks.

The far left immediately went into hysterics. The big reveal? Hillary is not the avowed enemy of Wall Street. Wonkette gave the “damning” emails the appropriate amount of consideration:

Ultimately, nothing that leaked would have been terrible for Hillary even if it was the only story of the day. Her actual words in these speeches are so mild — when contrasted against the common view of Clinton as Shillary, Whore of Wall Street, and the fear among her supporters that she really did abase herself before the big banks — that I’m much more relieved than worried that these came out. These transcripts leaking (and being a lot uglier) was about the only thing I was still concerned about.

This has not stopped the far left from flying into a rage over the emails and cranking up the “She’s just as bad!” narrative to 11.

Peek into any of the fever swamps of stupidity that are far left groups and you’ll see they’re filled with this nonsense.

But think about what they’re actually saying here: A woman who is too comfortable with Wall Street for the far left’s taste is just as bad as a man that brags about sexual assault and treats women like they exist solely for his sexual gratification. This is not just false equivalence on a grand scale, this is slipping into derangement.

Hillary Clinton has spent most of her adult life fighting for the rights of women and children and minorities. Is she more secretive than people would like? Maybe. Has she made mistakes? Of course. Did she use her connections to become rich and powerful? She sure did.

And what did she do with that power and money? Not much besides create the Clinton Foundation, a multi-billion dollar charity that provides HIV medication for millions of men, women and children all over the world so they don’t die, fought for women’s rights in countries that treat women like chattel and made sure all American children had health insurance, Etc. Etc. Etc. What a blight upon the soul of humanity she is.

Trump, of course, has a lifelong history of fraud, misogyny, racism, more fraud, xenophobia, accusations of sexual assault and rape, even more fraud, actual corruption, bribing public officials and bragging about it, being a pathological liar and one the most ignorant people to ever run for the presidency and did I mention fraud?

The man openly panders to Nazis and the KKK but, you know, “Clinton emails” and other things, so they’re just as bad. Makes perfect sense. 

The reality is that the far left is now broken on a deep and fundamental level. Just like the Tea Party, they oppose for the sake of opposition. Just like the Tea Party, they have declared that if they can’t get what they want, then everything should be burned to the ground. Just like the Tea Party, they are mostly white people (and more likely to be male) calling for the entire system to be destroyed, secure in the knowledge that they won’t be the ones to pay the price of the chaos they long for.

The ability to equate sexual assault and white supremacy as morally equal to being cozy with Wall Street is the ultimate expression of privilege in a country already being strangled by it. The far left has become a mockery of the liberal ideals it used to stand for and a cancer on the progressive movement.

I’m a stay at home dad, father to a special needs son and a special daughter, a donor baby daddy, a militantly pragmatic liberal, the president of the PTA, a hardcore geek and nerd and I’m going to change the world. Or at least my corner of it.