This News About Obama’s Economy Could Win Tonight’s Debate For Hillary

by Justin Rosario

If you haven’t noticed, Republicans are not spending as much time as they used to claiming a Clinton presidency would just be Obama’s third term. Obama is too popular and now that Census Bureau data show Obama’s economic recovery is aggressively in full swing, Hillary is going to mercilessly hammer Trump with a positive economic message that undermines his entire campaign.

The New York Times reports:

The Caicedos are among the 3.5 million Americans who were able to raise their chins above the poverty line last year, according to census data released this month. More than seven years after the recession ended, employers are finally being compelled to reach deeper into the pools of untapped labor, creating more jobs, especially among retailers, restaurants and hotels, and paying higher wages to attract workers and meet new minimum wage requirements.

This long-awaited contraction of the labor pool reduced the poverty rate by 1.2% in 2015. That doesn’t sound like much but according to the Times, this is the largest drop in poverty since 1999, when a Democratic president also named Clinton was still in office.

Even worse for Republican candidates, a lot of the gains went to blacks and Latinos:

Poverty declined among every group. But African-Americans and Hispanics— who account for more than 45 percent of those below the poverty line of $24,300 for a family of four in most states — experienced the largest improvement.

Overall, wages grew faster for the bottom than for the middle of the economic ladder. Since Trump’s entire economic message is based on the premise that Obama’s economy has somehow failed, this will be unwelcome news.

You can bet you’re going to hear Hillary Clinton talk about this at tonight’s debate and you can also bet Trump will lie about it. But if the press continues its newfound habit of pointing out Trump’s lies without equivocation, this particular talking point will land with a deafening thud. The tipping point for the economy might just turn out to be the tipping point for this election.