Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Just Blasted Trump Over Clinton Assassination Remarks

Patti Davis, the daughter of Ronald Reagan, took to her Facebook page to eviscerate Donald Trump for his “glib and horrifying comment” encouraging Second Amendment activists to potentially shoot Hillary Clinton once she started picking federal judges. She wrote:

To Donald Trump: I am the daughter of a man who was shot by someone who got his inspiration from a movie, someone who believed if he killed the President the actress from that movie would notice him. Your glib and horrifying comment about “Second Amendment people” was heard around the world. It was heard by sane and decent people who shudder at your fondness for verbal violence. It was heard by your supporters, many of whom gleefully and angrily yell, “Lock her up!” at your rallies. It was heard by the person sitting alone in a room, locked in his own dark fantasies, who sees unbridled violence as a way to make his mark in the world, and is just looking for ideas. Yes, Mr. Trump, words matter. But then you know that, which makes this all even more horrifying.

Ronald Reagan was shot on March 30, 1981, at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C, only 69 days into his presidency. The shooter, John Hinckley Jr. was attempting to impress actress Jodie Foster. 

Davis is no doubt aware of Trump’s ability to reach the more psychologically disturbed members of American society and understands just how dangerous his rhetoric really is. In a nation where guns have killed over 1.5 million citizens over the past 50 years, prominent politicians should be very, very careful about the language they use — particularly when their supporters routinely engage in this type of behavior

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.