The Republican Convention Will Display the Ugliness In Their Hearts

We are finally here. After a fair and open political process that allowed Republican voters across the country to nominate the candidate that best reflected their values, policies and vision – voters have spoken loud and clear. The brashness, incoherence and bigotry that Donald Trump put on display during this campaign season appealed to the majority of Republican voters, and he is now their man. 

Lest not we forget, the Republican voters were provided 17 candidates to choose from with varying degrees of political or private success — governors, senators, a doctor and two business tycoons. In the age of the internet, Republicans had access to virtually every aspect of their careers  and were able to study the candidates positions and beliefs. And I trust that they did. 

In the end, the majority of Republicans felt Donald Trump — a racist, extremist of inherited wealth who made a career out of exploiting poor and middle income Americans, relied on bankruptcy laws to bail out his negligent behavior, and preyed on people’s dreams with his scam university — was their best choice.

The Republican convention then will be a showcase of the ugliness that is in their hearts. After yesterday’s debacle with Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, Rep. Steve King’s white supremacy and Rudy Giuliani’s unbridled fury, we can expect more figures from the Republican Party lambasting and lampooning President Obama, using racial slurs to demean him, and blaming him for all of the world’s ills. We will continue to hear how America is actively participating in its own demise under his failed leadership, and apocalyptic language about America being on the verge of turning into a Third World under his naïve and weak guidance. The legitimate concerns about ISIS and terrorism will somehow be reduced to the president aiding and abetting the enemy, and speaker after speaker will appeal to our anger and fear rather than our decency and humanity. 

We can expect Republican speakers to attack the weak and vulnerable in our society, to regurgitate their obsession with expansionist militarism, deregulation, and regressive tax cuts. There will be elected officials denying climate change, and they will attempt to convince Americans that the United States government is their sworn enemy.  

We can expect to hear meaningless phrases designed to appeal to the “Real America” (a code word for White America). We can expect to hear presenters talk glowingly about guns, but not the human carnage they create. They will glorify police officers while demonizing Black Lives Matter activists, and instead of acknowledging the death and violence that impacts both, they will reduce it to a ‘us vs them’ issue devoid of empathy for the plight of African Americans. 

When Donald Trump takes the stage, we can expect the usual litany of of lies and distortions told with every ounce of his macho aggression. He will call Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and continue to perpetuate ridiculous GOP propaganda against her.He will speak about “Making America Great Again” with platitudes and generalizations not bound to reality. 

Donald Trump will likely attempt to tone down his hateful rhetoric, at least for one night, and his speech may well have a few surprises. But for the most part, Trump will not deviate too much from his core because he is incapable of being anything other than himself. And when it is done and Trump accepts the Republican nomination, Americans watching will leave with the clarity that it needs. 

The Republican convention will leave Americans under no illusions as to what the party is — a receptor for bigotry, hatred, division and racial intolerance, with its perfect embodiment Donald Trump at the helm.   

Writer, trained Social Worker and Mental Health Therapist. Husband, father and anti-racist at my core.