We OPEN in a cramped Apartment that’s seen better days. It’s hot. BLACK ANGER and WHITE GUILT are sitting watching TV. There’s only one chair so BLACK ANGER is sitting on the floor and the the air conditioner is broken and only blows cold air on WHITE GUILT. The volume on the TV is stuck on maximum.

BLACK ANGER: Are you fucking kidding me? Another cop kills another black man for the crime of being black.

WHITE GUILT has fingers in jammed in ears.

WHITE GUILT: Ohhh-Laaa-laaa. Laaa- laaaa. I can’t hear a thi-iing-A-liing.

BLACK ANGER: What the fuck! Again?! I know you see this video! This one is cold blooded murder of a child!

WHITE GUILT: Ohh look! This commercial has that black athlete my son loves. He’s so ‘well spoken’… Jay-Z is my favourite rapper-man… The movies of Will Smith are top notch. Laaa- laaaa. Laaa- laaaa.

BLACK ANGER: For fucksake I need you to acknowledge there’s a serious problem here or I’m going to set fire to this fucking apartment!

BLACK ANGER reaches for the matches… WHITE GUILT closes his eyes. Suddenly in stumbles SOCIAL MEDIA APATHY spot-lit by an iPhone screen.

SOCIAL MEDIA APATHY: Chill! Everyone, like continue to like, do, like nothing. I fuckin’ got this!