Quote of the Day: Noam Chomsky on the “Horrifying Threat” of Republican Party to the Human Species

I have been following Noam Chomsky’s take on the 2016 presidential election with interest, mostly because the famed political activist has started to draw a serious distinction between the two political parties in America. 

Chomsky has historically disavowed both parties, labelling them as different arms of one overarching set of corporate interests. But in 2016, his tune has changed rather notably, and the MIT professor has spoken out forcefully about the unique threat the Republican Party presents to the human species itself.  Chomsky still has serious reservation about the Democratic Party (and for good reason in my humble opinion), but his recent comments suggest he believes the Republican Party is so extreme that they could usher in an era of irreversible environmental and human destruction. Speaking to C.J. Polychroniou at Truthout, Chomsky said:

It cannot be overlooked that we have arrived to a unique moment in human history. For the first time, decisions have to be made right now that will literally determine the prospects for decent human survival, and not in the distant future. We have already made that decision for a huge number of species. Species destruction is at the level of 65 million years ago, the fifth extinction, ending the age of the dinosaurs. That also opened the way for small mammals, ultimately us, a species with unique capacities, including unfortunately the capacity for cold and savage destruction. 

This cold and savage destruction is, as Chomsky argues, epitomized by the modern Republican Party:

There’s no need to review the spectacle of the Republican primaries. Commentators can barely conceal their disgust, and concern for what it tells us about the country and contemporary civilization. The candidates have, however, answered the crucial questions. They either deny global warming or insist that nothing should be done about it, demanding, in effect, that we race even more rapidly to the precipice. Insofar as they have detectable policies, they seem to be intent to escalate military confrontation and threats. For these reasons alone, the Republican organization – one hesitates to call it a political party in any traditional sense – poses a threat of a novel and truly horrifying kind to the human species and to the others who are “collateral damage” as higher intelligence proceeds on its suicidal course.

While many might believe Chomsky’s warning to be hyperbolic, the science behind it is irrefutable. And that makes choosing the next president a pretty simple affair — we must make sure it is not a Republican in any shape or form

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.