Don’t Forget: Ted Cruz is a F*cking Lunatic Too

As Donald Trump’s path to the republican nomination becomes clearer and the rest of our gag reflexes trigger awake, we seem to be losing sight of a simple, but important fact: Ted Cruz is also a fucking lunatic who must be stopped.

Trump is a fascist, bigoted idiot who should probably be on an island with Ted Nugent somewhere. But Cruz is barely different, and the fact that — compared with Trump — he’s better spoken and has a better resume does not make him any more qualified or any more “establishment.”

And yet, the media have begun to lump Cruz in with the so-called establishment candidates when discussing the GOP brass’s desire to nominate anyone but Trump. Mitt Romney’s not making speeches for the ages about Cruz’s disqualifications for being leader of the free world. Perhaps that’s because Cruz isn’t the front-runner. More likely, though, it’s because Cruz’s belligerence and cold-heartedness is couched in a relative politeness, a compulsory nod toward manners that Trump eschews to his populist benefit.

Of course, it’s a more than a little ridiculous to call the guy who read “Green Eggs and Ham” on the House floor polite and mannered and better spoken. But when he’s running against a cotton candy-haired, spray-tanned fool who rants about the size of his dick in the middle of a primary debate, talking about carpet-bombing can sound relatively sane by comparison so long as he’s using his inside voice.

But it is insane, and it is wrong.

Cruz, a man who is creepy and who also claims to make breakfast for his family by wrapping pieces of bacon around a machine gun, is someone who believes President Obama has violated the Constitution, wants to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, criticized the mayor of Dallas for marching in a gay pride parade, and voted against the Violence Against Women Act. He also doesn’t believe in global climate change, has an incomprehensible but nevertheless frightening foreign policy, and has been racing Trump to be the most draconian anti-immigrationist.

He’s not a person of a different political persuasion, with whom we nevertheless share a common belief in the greater good. He seems to share in the GOP frontrunner’s most extreme views and to have an unwavering, unpragmatic belief in ideological purity. As such, he fails to live up to what this country aspires to be. And regardless of his decibel level or his meekness in the polls or his relative polish in comparison with the over-the-top batshittedness of his biggest rival, we should not forget that.