Glenn Beck Tells Voters Ted Cruz Will Get America Through the Rapture, Might be Jesus

It’s probably about eight months too late to say that the Republican presidential primary is getting weird, but the Republican presidential primary is getting weird. I’m not usually one of these guys who goes all panicky about candidates and religion, but Ted Cruz is kinda freaking me out right now.

Earlier this week, his wife Heidi Cruz was yammering on the radio about how Ted was going to “show the face of God” to America, which is bad salesmanship considering that the Bible says “And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live.” So basically, Heidi Cruz wants to kill America.

Now, though, Glenn Beck is introducing Ted Cruz at rallies, and using some very specific, very poorly-concealed Rapture Ready code words:

“Fall to your knees and pray to God to reveal to you what the hour is.”

“This is your last call, America! Stand, stand with the man I believe was raised for this hour, Ted Cruz!”

The “hour” he’s referring to is, of course, the Rapture, that’s clear as a bell, but the “raised for this hour” could mean one of two things, but since I doubt Beck is selling Cruz as the Antichrist, he’s saying Cruz is the second coming of Jesus. The Bible doesn’t have a Jesus-facilitator character in any of its prophesies.

Either way, this is alarming, because there are lots of people who believe in all sorts of raptures, but most of them know that the Bible says we won’t know “the hour,” and that man has no ability to speed it along or delay it, and so it’s really just there to make sure you take care of your own spiritual life.

But there are many others who think they can decode the Bible and guess when it’s going to happen (Beck’s Mormons have already guessed wrong a couple of times), and some of them even think it’s their duty to set the table for Armageddon. That’s what all that kneeling by the Resolute desk is about.

Glenn Beck is a loon, but Cruz has tapped him as his opening act, so somebody should try to drill down a little on the specifics of Cruz’s end times beliefs, and (I can’t believe I have to say this) their policy implications.