Sarah Palin Wants You to Know That Elitist Attitudes in America Are So “Passé”

Sarah Palin — Hockey Mom, Moose Hunter and woman of the people, wants y’all to know she speaks plain American, not like them media elites. But Sarah Palin is also smart, and knows words like “Passé”, and she’ll use them to remind liberal coffee drinkers that she too is cultured.

In yet another Facebook paean to the Great Leader and Ass Kicker of ISIS, Donald Trump, Palin sent a message to the liberal media before the debate last night that “The courageous GOP frontrunner is speaking for us with his “screw it, biased media… the people deserve better” red line.”

In other words, American’s greediest real estate mogul is here to rescue the country from fancy snobs who hate the military and want nothing more than to live under Sharia Law. Because Donald Trump tells it like it is, and “it” is whatever Donald Trump says it is — even if he wasn’t at the debate to say “it”.

Wrote Palin:

Any “journalist” or media outlet perched upon a pedestal all spun up for ratings’ sake, pretending to be King Maker in a Presidential election, obviously can’t understand how passé and laughable an elitist attitude is to Americans. Trump just spoke for the majority of us who are through with a prejudice press and a political hierarchy expecting us to hit our knees at their command.

Yes, one of the richest men in the world knows exactly what the common person wants, and that darn passé media just wants them to hit their knees because Obama, or something. If Palin ain’t speakin’ clear enough for y’all journalists all spun up on a pedestal, there was this:

Candidates speaking directly with us is what we’ve craved, as opposed to the mocking heads’ narratives crafted behind cameras, teleprompters, and an airbrushed “flawlessness” that’s more transparent than they’ve realized. It’s been a sad herd mentality and a lot of laziness on the part of many mediums that result in a targeted person’s trashed record and reputation.

Because of course, the mocking head’s narratives crafted behind cameras that result in a targeted person’s trashed record and reputation really is what it is all about…

Then, Palin delivered a message to all you “freedom-keepers”:

Really, it’s our responsibility as freedom-keepers to do our own homework on candidates asking us to hire them. Be confident you are so much better than what you’re fed via much of the media, especially during election season.

And ended with a call to action for the freedom-keepers:

With an undeniable, unmatched record of success, Trump proves his work ethic and skills far surpass politicians’ constant yakking about their self-recognized “leadership” that gets us nowhere. Much more powerful are a person’s accomplishments than are these tired poll-tested memorized memes that conventional candidates pay consultants to draft for them. America will be made great again when the permanent political and media class is sent that message. It starts in Iowa.

Or in other words, elect a racist, misogynistic vulture capitalist with no political experience whatsoever because the liberal media will hate it. Obviously.

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.

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