David Bowie’s Last Music Video “Lazarus” Was His Farewell

If you’re a David Bowie fan, this will be hard to watch. The singer, who passed away today from cancer aged 69, apparently planned the release of “Lazarus” to coincide with his death as a “parting gift” for his fans, said his producer.

Reported the Telegraph:

David Bowie’s final record was a carefully-orchestrated farewell to his fans, his producer has confirmed.

Lazarus, released on the Bowie’s 69th birthday just two days before his death, opens with the lyrics: “Look up here, I’m in Heaven!”

Tony Visconti, the producer who worked with Bowie to complete his final album, has released a statement saying it was deliberately created and timed as a “parting gift” for his fans.

If you read the lyrics it is obvious that Bowie wrote it knowing he was on the way out. “Look up here, I’m in heaven,” he wrote. “I’ve got scars that can’t be seen. I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen. Everybody knows me now.”

While his physical death is tremendously sad, the title of his final song is a reminder that while his material body may be gone, he will rise again in one form or another. “Dropped my cell phone down below,” wrote Bowie. “Ain’t that just like me?”

And here’s what he dropped down for us. Good luck not tearing up:

RIP Mr Bowie, you will be missed.

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