This is Probably the Most Mind Blowing Talk You’ll Ever See on How to Save The Planet

Back in 2012, leading mycologist and author Paul Stamets delivered a speech at the UPLIFT conference in Byron Bay, Australia, on how mushrooms can be used to heal the planet from the devastating impact of human behavior on the environment.

It remains the most powerful, mind blowing presentation I think I’ve ever seen, and challenges how we think about our natural environment and how we interact with it in extraordinarily profound ways. I won’t go into too much detail, but if you have any doubts as to the astonishing power of mushrooms to ameliorate their native eco-systems, bear this is mind should you not want to watch Stamet’s presentation: mushrooms essentially operate a giant ‘internet’ underground that sustains virtually all plant life. These mycelial networks transmit information via chemicals from plant to plant and work to sustain, grow and heal eco systems through mediation and the sharing of resources.

In other words, without mushrooms, we’d all be dead. So we better understand what their model of survival requires in order to have any chance of surviving ourselves in an era of unprecedented environmental destruction.

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