Jeb Bush Will ‘Never Forget’ the Space Shuttle Disaster of ‘Whenever-It-Was’

There are a lot of difficult things about being a Republican, but none so difficult, it would appear, as remembering things they’ll never forget. Whether it’s forgetting 9/11 or forgetting the other 9/11, or even just forgetting the third thing on your own list of three things, rememberating is hard, y’all!

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush found that out on Wednesday when he tried to make a point by bringing up a certain space shuttle disaster that he said he’d “never forget,” then promptly could not remember when the hell it happened. The audience at the Concord, NH town hall meeting tries to help him out, but he can’t quite get there:

I was thinking, you were going to bring up the tragedy that took place, I will never forget that, when I went as governor of Florida, to the tarmac for a tribute to the astronauts, that died. I think it was 2005, maybe — um , yeah. (audience: Christa McAuliffe?”) No, the other one, 2002. In the 2000s. It was horrible, It’s a reminder that this is a dangerous endeavor, but it is worth us, for all sorts of reasons, to be engaged in it.

The audience is also no help, suggesting that maybe Jeb was governor during the 1986 Challenger disaster, and I swear one of them said “You mean ‘Porkins?'”, but the date they were all looking for was 2003. And yes, I had to Google it, but I’m not the one bringing it up at a campaign event, then spinning my tires trying to remember the year when I could just have easily said “the astronauts who died in that tragedy.”

Still, I’m sure the memorial that Jeb gave was every bit as sincere and moving as his retelling:

Yes, let’s never forget this person whose name I’m clearly seeing for the first time.

In other crummy Republican memory news, Ben Carson’s campaign is now saying that the candidate is a little bit fuzzy on the details of his his alleged armed robbery story:

“A lot of the details are hazy because that incident did occur over 30 years ago. I’m sure that a lot of even anchors here at MSNBC would have trouble remembering incidents from over 30 years ago.”

Fair enough, but Brian Williams isn’t running for president.