British Prime Minister David Cameron Did What With a Pig?!?

When you’ve covered the news for a long time, there isn’t a great deal that can shock you about the personal lives of politicians. Tales of sordid encounters with mistresses, prostitutes or rent boys are merely part and parcel of life in the upper echelons of political power, and are increasingly less newsworthy as we grow more tolerant of sexual deviancy.

Politicians are strange, narcissistic creatures so addicted to the limelight and power that their personal lives are invariably screwed up.

But every now and then, a story emerges that goes beyond the perfunctory ‘X cheated on Y while on a cocaine binge in a prostitute’s apartment’ and borders on the, well, truly fucking insane. How insane? Try this for starters.

British Prime minister David Cameron allegedly put his penis in a dead pig’s head as part of a initiation ceremony to the Piers Gaveston society, a secretive University of Oxford club named after the reputed gay lover of King Edward II.

Yes, you read that right – Britain’s prime minister may have engaged in an illegal sex act with a dead pig.

The allegation comes from an unauthorized biography of the British prime minister named Call Me Dave written by the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Ashcroft and . An unnamed politician told the authors of the biography that he has seen photographic evidence of Cameron putting his penis (or “a private part of his anatomy”) into the mouth of a pig’s head being held by another member of the Piers Gaveston member.

There are more details of Cameron’s alleged student debauchery in the biography including claims that he smoked cannabis with friends and let friends use cocaine in his house in London. But none rival the allegation that he sexually abuses a deceased swine.

The allegations are, of course, being strongly denied by Downing Street with Cameron refusing to comment on them. It should be noted that Lord Ashcroft and Mr Cameron had a major falling out after Cameron went back on an alleged promise to give Ashcroft, a major Tory donor, a top job in his cabinet after he became Prime Minister in 2010.

Either way, pig fucking is perhaps the greatest taboo in any human society, and not a rumor that dies quietly as David Cameron is about to find out:

Ben Cohen is the editor and founder of The Daily Banter. He lives in Washington DC where he does podcasts, teaches Martial Arts, and tries to be a good father. He would be extremely disturbed if you took him too seriously.