Judge Orders Anti-Gay Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Released from Prison

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning ordered Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to be released from federal prison, provided she continue her office’s recent issuance of marriage licenses “to all legally eligible couples.”

Davis has been in prison since September 3. Meanwhile:

Five of the six clerks who work under Davis swore under oath that they could comply with the court’s order to issue marriage licenses. And in a status report filed to the court on Tuesday, they said that the couples who filed suit against Davis after they were denied marriage licenses were able to obtain them.

Ultimately, this is perhaps the best outcome. Every day she remained in prison, she became more of a patron saint for religion-excused bigotry. Now that she’s out of prison, she’s been stripped of whatever persuasive advantage it provided her. And now that her deputies are required to issue licenses, her 15 minutes appear to be winding down.

Here’s Bunning’s ruling:

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis ordered released from jail

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